Environmental Policy

We recognise that our business activities affect the natural environment in a number of ways. We strive through continuing improvement to minimise the adverse effects on the environment and the earth’s natural resources, whilst safeguarding the health & safety of our employees and the public. We employ in our factory and purposely seek out suppliers who take positive action to minimise both waste and the impact of their manufacturing processes on the surrounding environment.

Internally, we constantly look for ways to reduce waste through more efficient procedures and recycling initiatives. These include recycling pallets and shredding cardboard for re-use in packaging. We have also eliminated plastic strapping from all cartons and are reducing plastic packaging wherever possible.

We aim to always:

  • Comply with or exceed relevant legislative requirements. Where these are inadequate we will set our own standards that comply with our environmental and ethical criteria.

  • Progressively reduce the environmental impact caused by our products and activities.

  • Design and manufacture our products with consideration for the environment

  • Encourage manufacturing suppliers to recognise their environmental responsibilities and offer support to help them implement sound environmental health and safety policies and practices and to insist that the same practices are implemented within their own supply chain.

  • Ensure that no chemicals deemed harmful to humans or the environment are present in our products.

  • Insist that every component in all products hold a valid Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certificate to guarantee chemically safe garments.

European Regulation (EC 2006/1907–REACH regulation) REACH

REACH is a European Regulation concerning chemicals and their safe usage. It aims to improve the protection of human health and the environment through a system of Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals. Chemicals deemed as harmful are added to the ‘substance of very high concern list’. Bonchef products do not contain any of the chemicals on this list in any quantity and we actively work with REACH Ready to ensure compliance. The restricted substance list is usually updated twice a year. Bonchef routinely checks all products against any new listing to ensure we maintain this standard.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Oeko-Tex is an independent globally standardised certification especially developed for textiles. Its primary purpose is to ensure that the chemicals used in the manufacture of textile products are in no way damaging to health.

At Bonchef we understand what the modern wearer demands from their clothing. We expect colours to be brighter, we want our shirts to need little or no ironing and we require our sportswear to be fully functional keeping us both warm and dry. We test every component from fabric to thread, every label, lining, button and zip so that our customers never have to compromise on comfort or performance. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 allows Kustom Kit to deliver innovate fabrics and designs with complete confidence that no harmful chemicals have been used in their manufacture. Bonchef demands all products achieve this certification.

Oeko-Tex STeP – Promoting Sustainable Textile production

STeP is an additional factory audit which places emphasis on environmental performance and social responsibility. It is only gained by factories who achieve the highest level of sustainable production and safety ethics. The fabric used to manufacture the majority of our clothing is produced in our STeP accredited factory. We are working with our entire manufacturing base to encourage them to take part in the STeP auditing scheme.


Bonchef confirms the following;

  • All factories that manufacture Bonchef garments hold at least one of the following ethical audits – WRAP, BSCI, SMETA or Oeko-Tex (STeP).

  • That none of our products contain any of the current substances of very high concern in accordance to European Regulation (EC) 2006/1907 – Reach Regulation.

  • All components used in our garments have been tested to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and hold a current certificate testifying this fact.

Our management team regularly audit all of our garment manufacturing facilities and key suppliers to these factories.


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